Define the areas of your workplace

What counts as an 'area'?

You must split your workplace (your area of responsibility) into multiple significant areas if:

  • it covers more than one floor
  • it contains both low and high hazard areas
  • it would take more than 60 seconds to cover on foot

Different hazards

Significant areas need to be split when they have different degrees of hazard.

60 seconds rule

Areas are split if it takes longer than 60 seconds to get between them on foot

Different floors

Areas need to be split when they are on different floors

Delete area

People in this area

How many shifts are worked?

A shift is a scheduled period of work and many workplaces operate more than one shift each in each 24 hour period. You need to have first aid provision at all times that the building is used.

Do you have staff in this area who:
Are pregnant?
Are inexperienced?
Have a disability?
Is your workplace a school?
Do members of the public enter this area on a regular basis?
Select the proportion of adults to children in this area:
Mostly adults Mostly children

Health issues in this area

Are there/have there been any instances of the following amongst the people using this area
Chest pains
Low blood sugar
Severe allergies

Working in this area

In this area, do workers regularly work with or encounter any of the following potential hazards:
Slippery or uneven surfaces
Workplace transport
Cyanide poisoning
Outside work
Does this area include any narrow or restrictive spaces?

Area completed

Next steps...

Some last general questions..

Would you consider this workplace to be more than 10 minutes away from emergency services?
Have you carried out a risk assessment and implemented the findings?

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